The Fat Decimator Has Now Been Removed

When it comes to weight loss, there are a lot of 'detoxes', 'get thin quick schemes' and 'totally legit lose weight without any effort' systems... and a lot of them are just crap. 

As someone who spends a lot of his time reading science papers, creating programs for clients and basically living the fitness scene, I know that the majority of programs don't quite live up too their promises, so I wanted to start reviewing and seeing what all these systems are. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been getting adverts and getting emails from clients who had been hearing about the 'Fat Decimation System' and I was instantly intrigued. I was even more excited when after doing some research I found out that it had been created by Kyle Cooper and that should excite you as well! 

Who The Hell Is Kyle Cooper?

Kyle Cooper is this good looking bloke found on the left of your screen. 

As you can probably tell by his suave looking photo, Kyle was in the American Army, and if that wasn't enough, he was part of the prestigious Marines. These guys are tough as nails and are built like well oiled machines!

One of his tasks while in the marines was too ensure the National Guardsmen where in shape. These guys and girls where usually a little older than the marines, and where civilians for a lot of their lives.

After reading a bit more about Kyle Cooper a little while ago, I also found out one of the main reasons why Kyle wanted to suddenly start getting people into shape and working out why all the knowledge he had grown up with, was crap.

A few years ago, while some of the National Guardsmen he had been training where in Afghanistan where on assignment, and one of them died. The reason for this poor guy dying? He was out of shape.. yep despite all the work they had done, he was just unfit. 

How Did This Influence decimator system?

After the horrific death of one of the guys, he met a Korean medical student, who actually showed him just why western weight loss 'solutions' and 'remedies' where just ineffective and a lot of the time, useless. 

With help from this student, Kyle started to create the Decimator diet, as well as starting boot camps to go alongside his writing.

ok, so what is the fat decimator system

Ok, it's enough about suave good looking marines, and it's time to look into the actual system!

Unlike other 'diets' or 'guru guides', Kyle has actually structured this guide to look at both the physical and mental side of health and fitness. 

For example, few people know that it can take roughly 21 days for your human brain to be rewired to pick up a new regime or habit. 

This is one of the reasons why the Decimator diet teaches you the key principles helping you achieve this rewiring. I was so happy when I started to read through this, I was fed up of reading books or 'experts' telling their students it could all be done in a 2 days or something silly!

The 3 core concepts

Within this book, you will learn 3 core concepts to help you fully maximise your results. Giving the book a read through, it's broken down into.


If you have ever heard the age old rule that fat loss is 80% kitchen and 20% exercise, then you are not far off.  I was a bit worried about this section, but I was not disappointed.

It's not 100% accurate, but it does show that you cant out lift a crap diet, or out eat poor exercise! 

As part of this book, Kyle goes into how your bodies metabolism works and shows you which 'bad for you' foods can actually be rich in energy and help you burn fat faster.

Kyle also is quick to point out, you don't need start giving up your favourite food, because you will start to hate yourself within days!


You can lose fat by just eating a bit healthier, but it will take ALONG TIME. If you really want to accelerate your weight loss journey, then you need to find supercharged exercises that help torch your body fat faster. 

Double this up with the metabolism boosting diet, and you are going to start seeing some pretty decent results. 

As with everything, you will need to take your time and learn these exercises. Practice makes perfect. I was really impressed with some of the workouts and exercises, and they will definitely get you started on your journey.

Fat Decimator Review

Mindset, Willpower and Motivation

Not something you usually find in 'diet books' or your local fat friends meet.

But it should be something people start adding, as it's awesome!

Within this section I actually learnt a lot, including how to wire your brain to take on new challenges or habits.

Without this, you actually increase the chances that you might just give up entirely!

Fat Decimator Review

Do these 3 sections add up too success?

These 3 sections help you create 4 key rules that help you stick on the straight and narrow and keep on that path to steady and consistent weight-loss. 

Those 4 key rules are

  • You must create, and stay in a calorie deficit to effectively lose weight (not a huge reveal, but key)
  • To increase your weight loss, you must first mobilise your fat
  • You have the ability to actually control that mobility of fat being burnt
  • Learn to rewire your brain and increase your chances of sticking too and becoming successful with your journey

These 4 rules, along with the 3 core sections are going to change what you think you know about exercise, diet and what you think you knew about weight loss. 

Compared to other, more mainstream (and more expensive) 'diets' or 'programs' who hardly ever touch on the above, instead they focus solely on just diet (by making you buy their special products) or by making sure you come back each week (we all know one of them). 

Many companies don't even know how to mobilise the fat inside of your body, they have no clue that once you start to shift the triglyceride layers within your fat, it becomes a lot easier to start shifting. 

This is why Kyle Cooper is really taking this industry by storm!

is it worth buying?

It's a good question to ask, and one that a lot of people ask, every single day. And to be honest, it's an even easier answer.


With such a comprehensive guide and with the 3 core concepts, it's one of the best eBooks to follow to help you lose that unwanted weight and it's an awesome price. 

As well as the main eBook 'The Fat Decimator', you also get access to a number of extra bonuses, you get a 60-day money back guarantee (not many places offer you 2 months...) and you get the chance of 1-1 coaching (if you want it). 

I will share with you a link to safely purchase the Fat Decimator Diet at the end of this fat decimator review. 

What do i get with this purchase?

The actual Fat Decimator System is a pretty hefty eBook to start with, as shown above, it gives you an arsenal of weapons to start going to war with fat and smashing that weightloss jounrye. 

The core book (or audio book if you prefer - I.e when on a train, car or bus) will introduce you too the main 3 areas, as well as teaching you those 4 key rules. 

You also get access to the 'Acceleration Section' which is built up of priority email support, personalised email advise as well as customised nutrition and food plans. 

On top of all that, you are given access to a private Facebook group, that provides you with support and advice. 

And if that wasn't enough, you can also get weekly coaching sessions via phone! This is awesome and provides you with accountability and someone to bounce ideas off of!

Finally, yes, there is even more. If you are worried that you might 'slip up' when choosing food or creating meals, you are given delicious and easy to prepare recipes, that don't stop you from eating some of your favourite foods. For those who might be in a bit of a hurry, you are also given a smoothie recipe guide, which means you can create quick, easy and more importantly tasty snacks on the go!

Recap and Final verdict

As you have seen throughout this review, The Fat Decimator System really has gone above and beyond what other fat loss books or shakes or diets try to sell you. 

But as always, there are a few pros and cons, so let's have a quick recap


  • Easy to understand and super easy to read (or listen too)
  • Backed by science
  • Useful and knowledgeable support, as well as access too 1-1 coaching, a private Facebook group and weekly coaching if required
  • You are given guidance and advice about your body and your mind
  • You are supported and surrounded by people in similar situations or who have gone on the same journey!


  • You will have a lot too read, watch and absorb
  • This is not a get thin quick scheme, or something that can be done without work. You will need to apply yourself
  • You need to accept that you wont always be able to eat whatever you want whenever you want, changes will have to happen

So, as you can see, it's not always good. But honestly, when I read into this guide and I read up on the science and what was included, I realised Kyle knew what he was on about, and it was one of the best well rounded diet books around. 

I have read and reviewed books that tell you to only eat 3 pieces of fruit a day or give up EVERYTHING you love to achieve success, and that's just wrong. 

Will i see results?

If you are willing to follow the advice and guidance, then you are going to start seeing those changes and results. 

You are going to learn those new healthy and good for you habits in those first 21 days, allowing you to change your life. It's not going to give you 21 days of 'fitness gimmicks' or 'quick fixes' this is about changing your life.

The true question is when will I see results, and the honest answer is it's different for everyone. Someone who is massively overweight may see changes in a few weeks, others may take a few days. But don't give up, this is the start of your journey.

The best part, is that if you decide its not for you, even on the 60th day (that's 3 months) you can get your money back. That means you can try that  21 day kick start and brain rewiring, 3 times (well almost) and see what fits you, if nothing does, then contact the guys to get your money back guarantee. 

Of course, if you are new, then take your time. 60 days is a long time, so take that 21 day rewire to find what works best for you. Read the guide, listen to the audio and enjoy the bonuses that you will get, and find the best way to get as much advice as possible from the program. 

Are There Any Risks?

Unlike quick fire guides or groups that require you to pay a high weekly fee and see no results, the Fat Decimator System is based on science, and provides you with a balanced and safe approach to weight loss. 

It provides you with the knowledge and tools to learn about your body, how it metabolises food and how you can use that to start mobilising fat to start decimating it. 

You will safely and slowly cut calories, without crashing hard or doing ineffective exercises that just tire you out without providing long term success. 

And, it's backed by their 60-day money back guarantee, so even if you decide that the diet isn't for you, or the exercises are just a bit too advanced at the moment, then get in touch with the guys. 

Well, that's the whole of my fat decimator system review!

I hope you have learnt a lot, and have enjoyed reading about this fat loss program. 

It's obvious that the author cares about the long term success of his clients, and is approaching a common problem, with a new and interesting twist. Especially focusing on ensuring that people keep the weight off, rather than going back to old habits. 

If you are looking for an effective way to lose fat, without the worry of going back to old habits, then this is for you. 

Also, as a bonus because you have made it this far, you can grab The Decimator Fat System + The Bonuses for only $17 (or you regional equivalent). Yes, this includes the 60 day money back!

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